Peace of Scrap

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Vope lining

And the old shall become new again...

At Peace of Scrap we look at a garment or piece of fabric with a vision of "what could be".

Taking a favorite medical scrub and making it into a little girl's dress for instance can be a way to recycle a memory.

Our costumes and period clothes are made to order and will fit in at FaerieWorlds, Oregon Country Fair, or a renaissance fair.

Mens tunics, kilts, pants, robes, and other tid-bits to dress the part.

Heavy coats, jackets vests, robes, and hoodies are a speciality.

A favorite concert T-shirt is old and worn? Holes and stains? We will take it apart and apply it onto a hoodie and make a magnificent re-enactment that will last another 20 years.

Grandma's skirt is now grandson's pajamas...

A pillowcase is a night dress...

A bed skirt turned into a beautiful ballgown or princess dress...

If you see a piece of clothing you like, or have an original idea, let us know! We will strive to make it just how you have it visualized. You can send a picture or a description and we will work our magic!